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The Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning

Often, people will only begin to care for their piano when they see that it is starting to deteriorate in sound, aesthetic or overall playing quality. What they don’t realise is that is much more beneficial to have their pianos tuned and examined regularly regardless of whether or not there is an issue with the sound.  There are three main reasons why you should regularly use a piano tuning service.

Firstly and most obviously, the key reason for piano tuning is to prevent the sound from deteriorating over time. As most people know, pianos consist of organic materials such as wood and metal and therefore as is to be expect environmental changes ranging from the heat, to the cold and even the air being overly dry can cause the integral structure of these organic materials to shift over time. These environmental factors can quickly cause a piano to go out of tune and it is much harder to cure such problems than it is to prevent them, therefore regular piano tuning is vital.

The next issue is quite general in that there may be a variety of issues with your piano you were not yet aware of because the sound has not yet altered. Bringing your piano in to be checked by a professional will ensure that any problems which could potentially damage the piano will be spotted and dealt with. For instance there may be an issue with the outer frame structure which you are unable to see but once checked by a specialist can be prevented before it affects the pianos sound or aesthetic.

The third and final reason why caring for your piano is imperative is that regular tuning and checks will ensure its life span. Just as with any living thing, it needs care and regular check-ups to ensure a long healthy life and pianos are no different.


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Markson Pianos: an MIA Trusted Music Store

As any musician knows, buying an instrument can be a game of luck. Finding a music store that offers you value and quality is one thing. But being sure that the store will still be around in the future, to honour any problems with your instrument, is quite another. To help remedy this uncertainty, the Trusted Music Store (TMS) scheme has been launched. The scheme not only ensures value and quality, but most of all guaranteed peace of mind. At Markson Pianos, we are very proud to be recognised as a Trusted Music Store by the Music Industries Association (MIA).

What is the Trusted Music Store (TMS) scheme?

The TMS scheme has been launched by the Music Industries Association (MIA) to help ensure that musicians are able to shop with confidence and security. Music stores included in the scheme will now display the TMS logo, and there is a store locator to enable musicians to find their closest participating store.

Guaranteeing Great Value and Service

For a store to be recognised as a TMS, it must meet the scheme’s criteria on both value and quality of service.  Each store will not only offer a great selection of instruments, but also provide expert advice, support and guidance for musicians, as well as music tutoring services, and finance and rental options.

Giving You Piece of Mind

Most importantly, the scheme will also provide musicians with guaranteed peace in mind. The unique 24-month warranty service is honoured by the entire nationwide scheme and means your warranty will be guaranteed for 24 months should the TMS you bought your instrument from cease to trade. This allows you to buy with confidence, knowing that your warranty will always be honoured.

Look out for the TMS logo when you purchase your next musical instrument. Showcasing the very best music stores in the UK, the TMS scheme guarantees that you will always be able to buy with confidence.

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Yamaha launches Clavinova CSP

The Yamaha Clavinova is currently available in two models, CSP-150 and CSP-170Last month Yamaha launched the new Clavinova CSP making it available for purchase at retail outlets. It is a product that is believed will revolutionise the industry, embracing new technologies and coupling it with traditional artistry. The CSP is the first digital piano which is able to be completely controlled through a smart device whether that be a phone or a tablet. As people have become accustomed to the everyday use of their smart devices it was only the next logical step to introduce this with the piano, allowing people to have the same instant and easy control.


The Clavinova can be connected wirelessly or via a cable that directly hooks up to your device. One a connection is established; the device will then open the Yamaha SmartPianist app which allows the user to enhance their playing in a variety of ways. It can be used to improve your technique, allow you to play along with your favourite pieces and even select an accompaniment score. One of the best features of the app is that it gives you access to over 400 songs, 470 varieties of accompaniment styles and 692 voices. This allows you the opportunity to have complete control over the performance; by combining a traditional instrument with the capability of the smart device you are able to achieve so much more. Not only can you have total harmonic control over an entire band of your own creation, you can also adjust the piano’s sound and tempo to suit the mood of your composition.

However, what really sets this new product apart from the rest is the accessibility it provides to not only experiences pianists but also beginners. Yamaha has incorporated its own Stream Light System which makes learning to play the piano easier than ever. Whilst in the past there have been LED systems within the keys, this piano instead has a more discreet set of red and blue LEDs which appear above the keys at the appropriate moment, perfectly guiding you through the song. From the moment you begin playing, even if it is your first time, you will feel a sense of achievement as a result.

Yamaha has successfully reinvigorated what it means to play an instrument and has opened the door in showing other companies ways in which traditional instruments and technology can be combined. It has never before an easier and more pleasurable experience to learn the piano for people of all ages. It is particularly poignant with the younger generation who are already accustomed to using smart devices as a means of learning. With that in mind, it doesn’t exclude the more traditional and seasoned pianists with all its guided feature, the instrument only has two buttons allowing it to humbly retain its classic design.

The Yamaha Clavinova is currently available in two models, those being the CSP-150 and the CSP-170 with the latter being the costlier of the two. The main differences you will find are the keyboard action and power of the speakers, other than that the two are identical and both available in black, white and polished ebony finishes.