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Back to School Piano Hire for Long Term

After a long summer of kids whizzing around the house causing mayhem, it’s finally back-to-school time. The summer break was a lot of fun and you had some great family times, but it’s time to settle back into a routine and finally give you some well-deserved rest!

A new school term means a fresh new start, and is often the best time to get your child involved with musical instruments. If you’ve been planning to encourage your child to start playing the piano or simply want to upgrade their current equipment, then our back to school long-term piano hire maybe the best choice for you.

Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Learn an Instrument

  1. It increases focus

With the rise of technology, kids are often glued to their screens. With images and information flashing in front of their eyes at the click of a button, their attention span can drastically decrease.

Studies have shown that listening to and/or playing instrumental music can substantially increase attention span.

  1. It improves memory

Playing musical instruments helps to develop a kid’s memory and make them far better at school. A rise in IQ is often seen fairly quickly once a child starts playing.

  1. They gain more confidence

At some point, children are going to want to showcase their musical talents, and this requires them to sit in front of an audience. It takes tremendous courage and will gradually improve their self-confidence over time.

These are just some of the many benefits of learning to play an instrument. So how can you encourage your child to start playing?

The Benefits of Long-Term Piano Hire

Long-term piano hire is an attractive option for parents wanting to encourage their kids to play the piano. It’s the best option if you don’t have the money to buy a new piano or want to see how they take to it before committing to a purchase of your own.

By choosing long-term piano hire, you will give your child the best opportunity to learn on a high-quality acoustic or digital piano, without breaking the bank!

Markson Pianos offers a wide range of good quality instruments, from second-hand small upright pianos, digital pianos and all the way to Boudoir grand pianos. Hire prices starts from as little as £30 per month, giving you an affordable option to start your kid off on the right foot.

If your child loves the piano and you end up wanting to buy it outright, you have that option too.

Take It Away Scheme

The government offers an attractive scheme to support aspiring musicians by helping to spread the cost of equipment through various interest-free credit loans. Find out more at the Take It Away website.

If your child is just heading back to school and you’re planning to get them involved with musical instruments, long-term piano hire may be the best way to get you started. To find out more, contact Markson Pianos today.

Chilly Gonzales SOLO PIANO III Exclusive First Listen at Markson Pianos Showroom

Chilly Gonzales and Markson Pianos invite all fans and curiosity-seekers to Exclusive First Listens of the new album Solo Piano III on 6th September at our showroom in London.

Solo Piano III completes the Solo Piano album trilogy from Grammy-winning Canadian pianist and entertainer Chilly Gonzales. Known as much for the intimate piano touch of best-selling albums Solo Piano and Solo Piano II as for his showmanship and composition for award-winning stars (Daft Punk, Drake, Feist, etc), “Gonzo” aims to be a man of his time, approaching the piano with classical and jazz training but with the attitude of a rapper.

Take sneak peek of Gonzo’s new songs on magical self-playing pianos set-up in music stores and schools all over the world. You can exclusively listen to perfectly rendered acoustic performances of the album on grand pianos whose keys and pedals move as if Chilly Gonzales were there in person!To create this unique experience, Chilly Gonzales specially recorded 8 of the 15 pieces of the album on our new high-fidelity Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE Grand system.

You are welcome to come and listen to Solo Piano III before its release as if you were sitting on stage or in the studio with Chilly Gonzales.

Experience this unique premiere:
• In London, at Markson Pianos Showroom – 6th September at every hour from 11 am to 5.30pm!