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Yamaha’s CLP Clavinova Digital Piano Series

The Clavinova series is a long-running line of premium digital pianos created by the Yamaha Corporation. It is similar in styling to an acoustic piano, but with many features common to various keyboards. You can experience the pure joy of playing the piano by looking no further than the Clavinova CLP series.


The Yamaha CLP430 Clavinova digital piano is a shining example of how to do a digital piano right. The RGE sound engine in this piano delivers a consistently crisp and clear sound indistinguishable from a finely tuned acoustic model. The Yamaha CLP430 is an excellent example of all the benefits of owning an upright piano, rich sound, and convenient size. Among the Yamaha CLP series, this model CLP430 stands out as being an ideal choice for beginner to intermediate pianists, being simple to operate but hard to master, capable of delivering a surprising range of quality sound when handled properly. A solid all-rounder of an upright piano.


The Yamaha CLP440 of the Yamaha Clavinova series is similar to its cousin the 430, but with subtle differences that alter the pianist experience. The most immediately notable change is in the synthetic ivory keytops which make playing over longer periods a more comfortable experience, a feature that is sure to be appreciated by any who are dedicated to practising their craft. The sonically rich RGE sound engine of the CLP440 delivers sparkling clarity of sound that is sure to be appreciated, and the convenient size is another big plus for the pianist who doesn’t want to have to dedicate an entire room to the piano.


This Yamaha CLP470 Clavinova digital piano represents the next step for an aspiring musician, representing the bridge between the intermediate level and the advanced stage. This model features an all-natural wooden keyboard which creates a feeling of dexterity and control when played, and all 88 key linear graded hammers to realistically replicate the feel of a traditional upright piano. With smooth release action and dampener resonance features, the Yamaha CLP470 piano is perfect for taking your skills, and the quality of your music, to the next level. An absolutely essential purchase for anyone wishing to hone their skills on an acoustic whilst retaining the utility and flexibility of a digital.


The Yamaha CLPS406 Clavinova digital piano is a perfect marriage of convenience and function, the crisp noise that this member of the Yamaha CLP series can generate seems entirely at odds with its slim and stylish appearance, but that is what this piano delivers. At only 43cm deep this model defies belief in the quality of sound it is able to reproduce whilst being half the size you’d expect, all thanks to the high-quality Yamaha sound engine. This slimline model CLPS406 is fantastic for utility, it can slot neatly into any environment without compromising on the purity of sound generated, marking this piano as a must buy.


Much like the Yamaha CLP440 Clavinova piano is an evolution of the CLP430, the Yamaha CLP480 is a dazzling spin on the 470. It is also a wonderful choice for any pianist looking to improve their skills from intermediate to advanced, as it comes with a revolutionary GP Soundboard Speaker built-in, which offers an unprecedented level of clarity. The RGE sound engine is put through its paces with this piano, making the sampled music that this item can playback sound sharp and punchy. With the broad, deep resonances coming off the CLP480 piano, it can be a struggle to convince people that you’re not playing an acoustic grand.


The Yamaha CLP465GP Clavinova Piano represents the peak of elegance and aesthetic for the whole Yamaha CLP digital piano series, sporting the unmistakable silhouette of a grand piano with the elegant swooping curves and the impressive lid, this piano dominates any room and for that matter conversation, it is placed into. The full size of this piano is utilised to ensure that a deep resonant sound is produced, rivalling anything that can be produced by a concert grand. Meanwhile, the fact that it is not a true grand is utilised to ensure that despite its luxurious appearance, this piano is affordable and convenient. A fresh take on an old classic.


The Yamaha CLP408 Clavinova Piano closely resembles the 406, but like many of its brethren who share similarities with other models, there is a twist. The first is an all-natural wood keyboard that creates a deeper, more intimate feel than the default faux ivory, which directly translates into a more enjoyable experience playing either for practice or leisure. The second feature is one that the inner audiophile is sure to enjoy, a GP response damper pedal that ensures purity of sound to delight the senses. A fantastic option for those who are looking to take their playing to the next level.

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Best entry-level piano: Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely you’re considering whether to begin playing the piano.

But where should you begin?

We have an answer; the Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano.

If that’s enough to persuade you, then a quick search online will likely lead you to one for sale.

Should we need to work a little harder, then read on…

Why choose Yamaha B Series pianos?

Need a shortlist on why you should Yamaha B Series pianos? Here goes…

A stamp of quality

Put simply, Yamaha is renowned for making high-quality products.

It uses premium components, designed and built to deliver first-class performance and reliability.

That means Yamaha B Series pianos cost less to look after even if the initial price tag is higher.

Not only that, Yamaha’s extensive warranty provides additional peace of mind in case something does go wrong.


Yamaha’s B Series has been conceived with the home-based players in mind, particularly those at the start of their journey.

However, it can be used by professionals too, meaning it scales beautifully as you hone your individual skills.

Having to trade a beginners’ piano for a professional one can be an expensive move, not to mention an irritation, and the Yamaha B Series skips that step completely.


With entry-level players on the front row of its target audience, Yamaha’s B Series is budget-friendly when compared some of the manufacturer’s other offerings that are tailored more to the needs of professional musicians and performers.

Why Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano is the best?

And, yet, ‘Why this specific model?’ I hear you ask.

Here’s why we think the Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano stands out in this range:

Sound quality

In short, it simply sounds better.

That might appear an obvious perk of buying the B3 Acoustic Upright rather than a digital alternative, but it is undeniably true.

That crisp note when a hammer strikes the string is the pure essence of what a piano is all about; it feels real in a way that digital sound cannot quite emulate.

A larger frame and soundboard permit the B3 to emit a fuller, more resolute tone.

The soundboard itself is comprised of solid spruce, creating a richer and more colourful resonance which makes it a unique addition to the B Series.

Compared to its B1 and B2 counterparts within the range, the B3 arguably provides greater playability for those musicians seeking something that is slightly different.


An acoustic piano that is properly cared for will easily retain its value, possibly even increasing it when it attains antique status.

While digital pianos are constantly improving in terms of their quality, an example from a decade ago is worth pittance compared to an acoustic alternative from the same era.

Not only are you getting a great sound with the Acoustic B3 series, as discussed above, it’s a prudent financial investment.

Its natural wood soundboard contains a variety of grain lines which help to produce a beautiful tone, particularly the more often the instrument is used.

Not only that, but the B3’s cast iron frame and unique four wooden back posts make the model the sturdiest of the series, ensuring you can put complete faith in its lifespan providing it is properly looked after.


Upright pianos have plenty going for them; they’re smaller than baby grand or grand pianos, which can prove useful when it comes to finding a place for them in your home.

You might aspire to have a grand piano, but simply do not have room for one.

As for aesthetics, it’s fair to say a traditional grand piano is the gold standard.

However, a well-made upright piano can seriously impress, looking sleek and professional while still producing a high-quality sound.

The B3 the largest in the Yamaha B Series in terms of height, width, and depth.

However, you do not have to compromise; it can still comfortably be accommodated in almost every residential or commercial space.

And you can still expect that rich sound and tonal quality, making it among the most desirable Yamaha models.


The Yamaha B3 Acoustic embodies the exceptional craftmanship that comes from decades of refining by a manufacturer famous for producing top-of-the-class pianos.

Just knowing that you own a solid piece of equipment that can meet your needs as you progress to an advanced level – while being easy to look after – makes it a compelling option.

It is a thing of beauty, featuring rich sound, beautiful aesthetics and when compared to its series counterparts, the Yamaha B3 is undoubtedly a significant upgrade in every respect.

If you’ve made it this far, then I hope you are convinced that the Yamaha B3 Acoustic Upright Piano is the best entry-level model available.

It has everything a beginner is looking for; workmanship, high-quality sound, ideal dimensions and competitively priced.