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Dr Valerie Capers: Composer and Pianist ( with contribution from Johns Robinson – Bassist)

Valerie Capers “Until my works are published they only exist in John’s handwriting. I wrote ‘Portraits in Jazz’ a long time ago. The first time ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) selected my work for their piano grade syllabus they picked “Billie’s Song” from the collection. I was very inspired by Billie

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Nadav Hertzka: Concert Pianist

  “In my next concert I’ll be playing Janacek, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky and also contemporary composers; Borenstein and Waley-Cohen. I have an interest in playing new music; I wanted to explore more than the Classical composers I was mainly playing; perform contemporary music and also work with the composers. I don’t collaborate with the composer until the

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Mayda Narvey – Cellist & Composer

“Nadia Boulanger was born 1887 and lived to 1979 and was just a unique musical talent. She had a younger sister whom she revered. Nadia and Lili both studied composition and became composers, and they both tried to win the coveted Prix de Rome. Nadia became one of the few female winners of the 2nd

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Jan Pulsford – Composer, Musician, Songwriter

my grandmother had a beautiful ornate walnut piano with ivory keys she cleaned with saucers of milk and rags I remember the smell and slight stickiness when I sat as a child with wide eyes glued to the music on a very high up velvet piano stool making up stories and tunes about the puppy dog I

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Nimrod Borenstein – Composer

“I have always loved the piano and just recently wrote a new cycle for solo piano which will be premiered  by the pianist Konstantin Lifschitz in London in March 2014. The three pieces,  ‘Lucilla’s Beehive’ , ‘Uchti-Tuchti’ and  ‘The Melancholic Mobile’  are part of a cycle called ‘Reminiscences of Childhood’ opus 54. These pieces are a look at childhood from

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