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SHALOSH TRIO (‘Markson Pianos Jazz Night’)

Thursday 26th May 2016 7:00pm – 11:00pm Tickets £10.00 As part of a bi-monthly collaboration with ‘Markson Pianos’ supplier of our wonderful grand piano, we showcase the best jazz pianists in an intimate club setting. Tonight we present the New York and Israel based Acoustic Progressive Jazz trio. The music that is being created by SHALOSH is characterized by its drama, its sophistication and its genre

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Ella Xunhuan Zhou: Concert Pianist

    “Too few of us have social responsibilities, as musicians and as artists. I think some of us are afraid of taking social responsibility because we think this will affect our work as artists and the effort that we put into music or art. For me, I think it’s the opposite because we are

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Nada Kolundzija: Concert Pianist

  “I liked Yugoslavia. It was my country and I had a lot of friends everywhere.   Every year I played solo concerts, and also concerts with my violinist brother, in the former Yugoslav Republics. The whole country was my home. Then came  the Yugoslav Wars in the period between 1991 and 1999.  I was completely

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Dr Valerie Capers: Composer and Pianist ( with contribution from Johns Robinson – Bassist)

Valerie Capers “Until my works are published they only exist in John’s handwriting. I wrote ‘Portraits in Jazz’ a long time ago. The first time ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) selected my work for their piano grade syllabus they picked “Billie’s Song” from the collection. I was very inspired by Billie

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Anthony Clare: Chamber Pianist & Composer

“I do a lot of ‘accompanying’ work for students taking exams and diplomas, but the kind of piano playing I like to do as a professional performer is chamber music, with a duo or trio or a larger group. I don’t see any of this as ‘accompanying’. The word has a lot of baggage attached

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James Brawn – Concert Pianist

“What I’ve heard recently in the last twelve months, in London, are so many young pianists, and certainly in the conservatories, who play the big pieces, who play admirably, their technique is really quite astounding! Their memories are astounding and they obviously work incredibly hard. And yet, there’s something lacking in their playing and I

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Piano Circus at Markson Pianos

A short excerpt recording of Piano Circus at Markson Pianos in March 2014. Recorded by Sound Engineer Wayne McIntyre. Filmed on a Canon 7D.  

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