Discover the Features and Benefits of Yamaha Silent Grand Pianos

If you’re a pianist, you’ll know the difficulties that arise when balancing the aim to become a competent player through hours of practice, and the danger of annoying your family and/or neighbours who have to listen to you for hours on end.

The piano is a beautiful instrument to hear, but when your neighbours need a weekend lie-in or your spouse is trying to watch TV, the noise of your piano can be an inappropriate distraction.

This is where a silent piano comes in handy.

Silent grand pianos are a ground-breaking development in the piano world. Currently, there are a handful of pianos offering this function – and Yamaha is leading the field.

How Does a Silent Piano Work?

Acoustically, all silent pianos function as a normal grand piano would. When the silent function is activated, instead of the hammers hitting the strings, highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all key movements and sends them directly to a digital tone module.

The real acoustic sounds are then played through your plugged-in headphones, allowing you to practice at any time, day or night, for hours on end without disturbing others. And without them disturbing you!
Along with the sounds playing through your headphones, Yamaha’s silent pianos come with a range of other useful features, such as being able to record your own performances, connecting your mobile device to use the latest apps, and accessing to a range of pre-installed sounds.

With Yamaha’s skills and knowledge gained over their 100-year history, you may think your headphones aren’t even plugged in – the sound is that good.

Yamaha SH & SG2

Yamaha is pioneers of the piano industry and has developed two versions of their silent technology: the Yamaha Silent SH and SG2. With them sharing the majority of their functions, the SH offers slightly more features to benefit more advanced and professional pianists, such as the USB audio recording, which is perfect for songwriters.

To find out more about our range of Yamaha silent grand pianos, contact Markson Pianos today.

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