Yamaha U3

Which is better: Yamaha U1 or U3?

Yamaha pianos have remained one of the most consistent choices amongst pianists over the years for their superior quality, impeccable music range and sleek aesthetic appeal. Both amateurs and professionals can find a Yamaha piano to suit their needs, particularly when it comes to their upright acoustic range.

At Markson Pianos we are proud to offer two of the best options available as part of Yamaha acoustic upright range, the U1 and U3 models.

In terms of the build and component quality, these two models are virtually indistinguishable, being ideal for both professionals and beginners. The only key physical difference between the two is that the U3 model is 10cm taller and slightly deeper in order to house longer strings. This provides pianists with a much richer and warmer sound, reminiscent of the phenomenal sounds of a concert grand. Its increased depth also allows for a larger soundboard as well as longer keys and a taller action. Again, allowing the U3 model to produce much richer tones and offering pianists a touch that can be likened to a grand piano.

Arguably the U3 provides a more comfortable and balanced touch which many pianists having commented that it allows them better control when playing. The slightly reduced size of the U1 can create a more hollow and shallow touch that is especially evident when comparing the two instruments.

Tonally, however, the U1 is thought to be more consistent, having very minimal variation between bright and mellow. This means you won’t have to worry about choosing your exact piano as from testing one you will get a feel for all U1 models.

Conversely, U3 pianos can vary between bright, medium and mellow tones. As this model is able to house a larger soundboard and hammer, the tone can vary quite dramatically from each piano. Although this means you will want to be sure you’ve chosen your exact piano with the perfect tone, it also means you will have an instrument that has a completely unique voice.

This variation in tone from the U3 also provides you with more choice to suit the space your piano will live in. If your home has a lot of hardwood flooring and minimal soft furnishings you will want to choose a mellow piano for the best sound. On the other hand, you may wish to house your piano in a room with a heavier carpet, soft furnishings, curtains etc. in which case, a brighter piano would be much better suited. Depending on how many U3 pianos you are able to test and choose from, this varied choice of tone can be beneficial.

Ultimately, the key factor that separates these two models is the price, with the U3 costing you slightly more but also being the more popular option of the two. Conversely, the U1 is a more budget friendly model but with it being a similar size and build to the U3, you are still assured an excellent and rich tone.

At Markson Pianos we are proud to offer both the U1 and U3 from the Yamaha U Series. If you are interested in finding out more about our Yamaha models or any of our other upright acoustic pianos feel free to contact us today or pop into our London piano showroom to try them out. In order to keep our staff, customers and members of the public safe, we are currently offering appointment-only visits to our showroom in line with the governments Covid-19 guidelines around social distancing.

If you would like to visit us to experience the Yamaha U Series models, please call us on  0207 935 8682! As one of the leading piano experts, Markson Pianos have been selling the full range of electronic, acoustic and grand pianos for over one hundred years, and we can help determine the right option for you.

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